Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Greetings Parents, Patrons, and Viper Players,

Please keep in mind that the Fall Play, The Matchmaker, is quickly approaching (October 4-6) which means that we will need to get all our information to the printers ASAP!

Our absolute latest deadline is Tuesday, September 25 by 4:00PM.  This means if you would like to purchase any sort of Advertisement or Shout Out! you MUST have your order AND your money turned in by that time and date.

If you're still considering whether or not to purchase a full page, 1/2, business card size, or Shout Out! space, please remember...the programs are printed as a courtesy for those who attend our productions and are also a tangible cherished memory for the theatre kids to hold on to forever.

But printing those programs isn't free...not by a long shot! 

This is where YOU come in.  

We need to fill the pages of those programs with as many Ads and Shout Outs! as we can get.  But we, the Booster Board, can't do it all by ourselves!

We know you're thinking, This is the part where they ask for money from me.  

And you're 1/2 right.  Yes, we'd love to see you buying Shout Outs! for your child or spots to advertise your business.  But we also need YOU to talk to your neighbors, your coworkers, that guy down the street who runs that small landscaping business, and the woman you know from your kid's soccer team that has a small jewelry making business.  Advertising in our program is a great way to get the word out...especially if it's a small, local business!  And best of's a fairly inexpensive, too!

Now maybe you know someone who doesn't have a student in the theatre program per se but who does have a student at Vandegrift who is an awesome swimmer or dancer or...oh, there are so many awesome things kids do today there's not enough time to list them.   Or maybe they're a Senior this year!  

What better way to get some show them off and let them know how much they are loved and supported by their families and friends?  Talk about a special memento!

Here's the breakdown:
Full Page Ad 
(a.k.a. Giant Shout Out!)
  • A 8.5"x5.5" page devoted to one business or may be used as a Giant Shout Out!
  • B&W .jpg/.png images may be used 
  • Will appear in multiple theatre production programs for 2012-13

1/2 Page Ad  
(a.k.a. Midi Shout Out!)
  • A 4.25"x5.5" page ad or may be used  as a Midi Shout Out!
  • B&W .jpg/.png images may be used 
  • Will appear in multiple theatre production programs for 2012-13  

1/4 Page Business Card Ad 
(a.k.a. Mini Shout Out)
  • Standard business card may be used or may act as a Mini Shout Out!
  • B&W .jpg/.png images may be used 
  • Will appear NOT in multiple theatre production programs for 2012-13

Standard Shout Out!
  • 25 words or less (excluding a, and, the)
  • NO images may be used 
  • Will appear NOT in multiple theatre production programs for 2012-13

If you or your business would also like to be a SPONSOR of the VHS Theatre Department and receive a special spot on our 'THANK YOU TO...' page in the program for each show this year please consider the following:

Sponsor Level                           Donation 
    Patron of the Arts..........................100+
    Friend of the Theatre......................50+

If you're interested in ordering an Ad or a Shout Out! or becoming a sponsor for the VHS Theatre Department please contact Laura Brown at  and she will ensure that your request be properly handled.  


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